Listen to Services & Sermons

There is no substitute for being present with other people in the same time and place to participate in shared worship. However, if you simply cannot get to church, church can come to you through recorded sound. To make that easy, we record our services (or the first 55 minutes) and offer those recordings for your listening.  You can also choose sermons from the list below or Listen to Music.

Listen to ServicesListen to SermonsPreacher
Sunday, December 11, 2017 Lessons and Carols
Saturday, December 2, 2017"The Beginning of the Good News"Rev. Michael McSherry
November 26, 2017"Christ the King"Rev. Michael McSherry
November 19, 2017"The Only Prayer"Rev. Michael McSherry
November 12, 2017"Fear of Success"Rev. Michael McSherry
November 5, 2017"How I Long to be in that Number"Rev. Michael McSherry
October 29, 2017"Re-Re-Re-formation"Rev. Michael McSherry
October 22, 2017"How Will I Know?"Rev. Michael McSherry
October 1, 2017"Reflections on White Privilege"Sandra, Debbie, Grace, Shauneen
September 24, 2017"After the Belly of the Beast"Jim Stokes-Buckles
September 17, 2017"Forgiving from the Heart"Rev. Michael McSherry
September 10, 2017"C'mon People Now, Smile On Your Siblings"Rev. Michael McSherry
August 27, 2017"What is it?"Rev. Lindsey Peterson
August 20, 2017"Conviction, with Humility"Rev. Michael McSherry
August 13, 2017"Circle of Care Reflections"Annie, Sarah, Nancy, Chris
August 6, 2017"You Feed Them"Rev. Michael McSherry
July 30, 2017"To What Shall I Compare It?"Rev. Michael McSherry
July 23, 2017"Feasting on the Weeds"Rev. Michael McSherry
July 16, 2017"Wherever the Word is Sown"Rev. Michael McSherry
July 9, 2017"Emmanuel, God with a Face"Rev. Michael McSherry
July 2, 2017"Shared Reflections - Christmas in July"
June 25, 2017"A Journey Beyond the Stars"Rev. Tom Derr
June 18, 2017"Family Fault Lines"Rev. Michael McSherry
June 11, 2017"Visioning Together"
June 4, 2017"Testimonies: Forming Faith"Testimonies by Jack H., Annie B., Darleen B., Claire C., Jim S.
May 28, 2017"He Is Heavy, Actually"Louis Mitchell
May 21, 2017"A Truth About Love"Rev. Michael McSherry
May 14, 2017"Somewhere (There's a Place for Us"Rev. Michael McSherry
May 7, 2017"We Had Believed"
April 30, 2017"Good Shepherding"Rev. Michael McSherry
April 23, 2017"Finders Keepers"Rev. Michael McSherry
April 16, 2017 Easter Sunday"Our Empty Tombs"Rev. Michael McSherry
April 9, 2017 Palm Sunday"A Fork in Our Road"Rev. Michael McSherry
April 2, 2017"Prophesy, O Mortal"Rev. Michael McSherry
March 26, 2017"He Opened My Eyes"Rev. Michael McSherry
March 19, 2017"We Have Heard for Ourselves"Rev. Michael McSherry
March 12, 2017"Born Again, Again"Rev. Michael McSherry
March 5, 2017"Learning to Love Limits"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 26, 2017"Ain't No Valley Low Enough"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 19, 2017"The Evil and the Good"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 12, 2017"Preaching the Gospel Without Ceasing"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 5, 2017"Practicing Righteousness"Rev. Michael McSherry
January 29, 2017"Blessed Are We, When"Rev. Michael McSherry
January 22, 2017"Finding God and Being Found"Rev. Michael McSherry
January 15, 2017"Siblings in Christ"Rev. Michael McSherry
January 8, 2017
January 1, 2017 Service New Year's Day "Emmanuel God With Us"Rev. Sara Buteux
December 24, 2016 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service"Christmas Reflection"Rev. Michael McSherry
December 18, 2016 Christmas Pageant
December 11, 2016 Lessons and Carols
December 3, 2016"Bearing Fruit"Rev. Michael McSherry
November 27, 2016"Ready, Willing and Able"Rev. Michael McSherry
November 20, 2016"First Fruits"Rev. Michael McSherry
October 30, 2016"Guest Preacher Rev. Mike Clark "Rev. Mike Clark
October 23, 2016"Justified"Rev. Michael McSherry
October 16, 2016"Praying Through the Night"Rev. Michael McSherry
October 9, 2016"Faith Has Made You Whole"Rev. Thomas S. Derr
October 2, 2016"Guard the Good Treasure"Rev. Michael McSherry
September 25, 2016"Instant Kharma"Rev. Michael McSherry
September 18, 2016"Can't Buy Me Love"Rev. Michael McSherry
September 11, 2016"Lost and Found"Rev. Michael McSherry
September 4, 2016"Not Counting the Cost"Rev. Michael McSherry
August 28, 2016"How Wide a Welcome"Rev. Michael McSherry
August 21, 2016"A Healthy Hunger"Rev. Michael McSherry
August 14, 2016"All in the Family"Rev. Michael McSherry
August 7, 2016"In Faith We Walk in Your Feet"Margaret Keyser
July 31, 2016"Barns of Abundance"Rev. Michael McSherry
July 24, 2016"Treasure and Ponder"Debra Moore, CMCE
July 3, 2016"Constraint and Freedom"Floyd Cheung
June 26, 2016"Faith in a Cultural Vacuum"Rev. Thomas S. Derr
June 12, 2016"Forgiven, Saved, Made Whole"Rev. Michael McSherry
June 5, 2016"Another Resurrection"Rev. Michael McSherry
May 29, 2016"A Centurion's Call"Rev. Michael McSherry
May 22, 2016"Lean In (and Hang Out)"Rev. Michael McSherry
May 15, 2016
May 8, 2016"Freed to Serve"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 21, 2016"A City That Kills Prophets"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 14, 2016
February 7, 2016"Aglow with God"Rev. Michael McSherry
January 31, 2016"Family Fights"Rev. Michael McSherry
January 24, 2016"Fulfilled in Your Hearing"Rev. Michael McSherry
January 17, 2016"One Body, Many Skins"Rev. Michael McSherry
January 10, 2016"Baptism, By Water and the Spirit"Rev. Michael McSherry