Listen to Services & Sermons

There is no substitute for being present with other people in the same time and place to participate in shared worship. However, if you simply cannot get to church, church can come to you through recorded sound. To make that easy, we record our services (or the first 55 minutes) and offer those recordings for your listening.  You can also choose sermons from the list below or Listen to Music.

Listen to ServicesListen to SermonsPreacher
August 11, 2019 "Faith Matters"Debra Moore, CMCE
August 4, 2019 "When is Enough, Enough"Pastor Steph Smith
July 28, 2019 "Growth Mindset"Floyd and Sheri Cheung
July 21, 2019 "Christmas in July"Rev. Sarah Buteux
July 14, 2019 "Lessons from a Historically Black Church: The Internship That Keeps on Giving"Carole Bull
July 7, 2019 "Freedom, With a Side of Pumpkins"Jim Stokes-Buckles
June 30, 2019 "A Secular Society?"Rev. Thomas Derr
June 23, 2019 "Will You Love Your Neighbor as Yourself?"Rev. Dr. Claudia Highbaugh
June 16, 2019 "Character Produces Hope"Rev. Dr. Claudia Highbaugh
June 9, 2019 "Belonging and Believing"Rev. Michael McSherry
June 2, 2019 "To Let the Oppressed Go Free"Rev. Michael McSherry
May 26, 2019 "Blessed Are Those Who Mourn"Rev. Michael McSherry
May 19, 2019 "Baptized in Spirit"Rev. Michael McSherry
May 12, 2019 "A Godly Commonwealth"Rev. Thomas Derr
May 5, 2019 "A Changed Man"Rev. Michael McSherry
April 28, 2019
April 21, 2019 Easter"Rising from the Ashes"Rev. Michael McSherry
April 14, 2019 Palm Sunday"The Gates of Our Hearts"Rev. Michael McSherry
April 7, 2019"The Perfume of Presence"Rev. Michael McSherry
March 31, 2019"Mom Always Liked You Best!"Rev. Michael McSherry
March 24, 2019"Once More, With Feeling"Rev. Michael McSherry
March 17, 2019"Throwing Stones"Rev. Marilyn Kendrix
March 10, 2019"A Godly Commonwealth"Rev. Thomas Derr
March 3, 2019"No Pain"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 24, 2019"What Goes Around"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 17, 2019"The Balm of Beatitudes"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 10, 2019"Ill Equipped"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 3, 2019"Afflicting the Comfortable"Rev. Michael McSherry
January 27, 2019"Gifted Anew"Rev. Don Remick
January 13, 2019"Baptized with Spirit and Fire"Rev. Michael McSherry
January 6, 2019"Mystery Made Known"Rev. Michael McSherry
Christmas Eve, December 24, 2018"Christmas Eve Reflection"Rev. Michael McSherry
December 23, 2018 Lessons & Carols
December 16, 2018 Nativity Sunday
December 9, 2018"How Christ is Born"Rev. Michael McSherry
December 1, 2018"Something's Coming"Rev. Michael McSherry
November 25, 2018"Road Rage"Sheri Cheung
November 18, 2018"Do Not Worry"Rev. Michael McSherry
November 11, 2018"What It Will Require of Us"Rev. Michael McSherry
November 4, 2018"For All the Saints"Rev. Dr. Claudia Highbaugh
October 28, 2018"All She Had to Live On"Rev. Michael McSherry
October 21, 2018"We Are Able"Rev. Michael McSherry
October 14, 2018"Jesus Loved Him"Rev. Michael McSherry
October 7, 2018"Adam, Human Being, Earthling"Rev. Michael McSherry
September 30, 2018"A Community of Prophets"Rev. Michael McSherry
September 23, 2018"Becoming the Greatest"Rev. Michael McSherry
September 16, 2018"Setting Your Mind"Rev. Michael McSherry
September 9, 2018"Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"Rev. Michael McSherry
September 2, 2018"Sticks and Stones"Rev. Michael McSherry
August 26, 2018"New Shoes"Debra Moore, CMCE
August 19, 2018"Draw Near and Be Healed"Rev. Michael McSherry
July 29, 2018"No Holding Back"Rev. Michael McSherry
July 22, 2018"Good Shepherding"Rev. Michael McSherry
July 15, 2018"I am No Prophet, Nor a Prophet's Son"Rev. Michael McSherry
July 8, 2018"The Joyful Work of Christmas"Rev. Michael McSherry
July 1, 2018"We Are One"Rev. Lindsey Peterson
June 24, 2018"We're All in the Same Boat"Rev. Susan Tarantino
June 17, 2018"To Whom All Hearts Are Open"Rev. Michael McSherry
June 10, 2018"Long Live the King"Rev. Michael McSherry
June 3, 2018"A Trustworthy Prophet"Rev. Michael McSherry
May 27, 2018"Born of the Spirit"Rev. Michael McSherry
May 20, 2018
May 13, 2018"For everything there is a season"The Rev . Thomas S. Derr
May 6, 2018"Perfected Among Us"Rev. Michael McSherry
April 29, 2018"Rod and Staff"Rev. Michael McSherry
April 22, 2018
April 15, 2018"Witnesses to These Things"Rev. Michael McSherry
April 8, 2018"Of One Heart and Soul"Rev. Michael McSherry
April 1, 2018 Easter"They Were Afraid"Rev. Michael McSherry
March 25, 2018 Palm Sunday
March 18, 2018"What Kind of Death?"Rev. Michael McSherry
March 11, 2018"Looking to the Cross"Rev. Michael McSherry
March 4, 2018"Cleansing the Temple"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 25, 2018"Comfortably Numb"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 18, 2018"She's Got the Whole World"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 11, 2018"Birches Burn So Brightly"Rev. Michael McSherry
February 4, 2018"Everyday Prophets"Rev. Michael McSherry
January 28, 2018"Teaching With Authority"Rev. Michael McSherry
January 21, 2018"Can You Hear Me Now?"Rev. Michael McSherry
January 14, 2018"Love Does Not Count the Cost"Rev. Thomas S. Derr
January 7, 2018"Our Hope Is Real"Rev. Michael McSherry