The SPIRE – February 2019

In a time of hyper-partisan politics, opportunities for division are everywhere. So it came as no surprise when, over the MLK weekend, a controversy erupted regrading a confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial among young men from a Catholic high school, a group of African American men calling themselves the Hebrew Israelites, and a Native American veteran. There have been many dissections of the facts, as they come to light, and many analyses by commentators determined to outdo each other.

The SPIRE – October 2018

Life keeps offering opportunities to learn something I did not set out to learn, some new insight which experience bestows, welcome or not.

The SPIRE – September 2018

One way to have a lasting positive impact on a lot of people is to have a system that helps one family at a time, and then deploy that system over and over again across different communities.