The SPIRE – June 2019

It seems like every week I have the pleasure of receiving another thank you which is really meant for all of us. It might be one of the many thank you letters from a local charitable organization supported by the church, through your outreach committee.

The SPIRE – May 2019

Twenty years ago, when I was the moderator of a Unitarian Universalist church that walked and talked like a UCC church, our senior minister went on sabbatical. No full-time stand-in was hired, and we were still fine. The other full-time minister was quite capable of preaching, leading worship and providing pastoral care. We also had lots of guest preachers, averaging two or three per month. This spring and summer I will be taking a three-month sabbatical, and you will be fine.

The SPIRE – April 2019

What might a resurrection look like? Not THE Resurrection, the one in which Jesus rose from the grave, but any old resurrection, like yours or mine.