The SPIRE – November 2018

Recently I discovered a Canadian documentary film from 1955 titled Harvest in the Valley. It chronicles the annual potato harvest in the St. John River valley in that era. Every fall whole families, from school age children to elders, travelled to each other’s farms to help gather the harvest. It was hard work done at a brisk pace. Neighbors helped each other in reciprocal fashion, but they also paid each other for their labor.

Singers Needed!

Do you like to sing? Do you have friends or family members who enjoy singing? The Edwards Church Choir has openings in the tenor and bass sections (high and low male voices). If you’ve ever thought about singing with the choir, this would be the perfect time to start. The Edwards Church Choir is a […]

The SPIRE – October 2017

Just when we thought nature could not be more destructive, it was. Maria followed Jose and Irma. An 8.1 earthquake rocked Mexico one week after a smaller one. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Jesus knew the lament of Psalm 22 so well he spoke it on the cross. He felt abandoned, an experience many of us can share.