Stay Sane by Singing in the Choir

Feeling depressed about the state of the world? Does following the news just get you down?

There’s a perfect prescription for that: Come sing with the Edwards Church choir! Studies have shown that choral singing releases endorphins, improving our sense of happiness and well-being. And researchers have discovered that choral singing increases amounts of an immunoglobulin that bolsters the immune system.

Choral singing is also a social event. It’s a good excuse to get out of the house for one evening a week. And it’s an opportunity to replenish yourself when the troubles of the world get to be overwhelming. After the first choir rehearsal following the 2016 presidential election, many choir members told me, “I feel so much better now” or “I really needed this.”

Choir rehearsals start up again on Thursday, September 7 at 7pm in the sanctuary. There are openings for all voice types. You don’t have to audition; just come and see how you like it. For more information, please see the Join the Choir page on the church website, speak to our Minister of Music, David Kidwell, or use the contact form below.