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The SPIRE – February 2018

A guest at our annual meeting on Sunday spoke to me afterwards about what he experienced as the palpable goodwill and mutual respect in evidence, even as folks shared different perspectives on the proposal put forth by Council. Our guest noticed that although strong feelings were evident, members of this community seem to care for and about each other at least as much as we want to win an argument or get our way.


The Twelve Days of Christmas culminate on January 6 – Epiphany. Derived from the Greek word epipmaneia which means “manifestation” or “appearance,” Epiphany celebrates the arrival of the Wise Men or Magi, having been guided by a star, at the home of the Child and their presentation of gifts to him.

The SPIRE – January 2018

We are in the season of resolutions and reflection. Rounding the bend on another year, we might ask ourselves: Did I read the books, lose the weight, or otherwise live up to the plans or expectations I had for myself (or someone had for me) this year? Are we living the best lives we can, in our own eyes, in God’s, or whatever framework of evaluation we really use in our heart of hearts?