At Home

Families are the forming center of our lives.  Supporting the diverse make-up of families and honoring the promises of baptism, we:

  • love, support and care for all in their faith formation
  • communicate what is happening in the church school, confirmation class, youth group, and adult education
  • sponsor family-centered offerings on communion, baptism, prayer, and mindfulness meditation
  • provide resources for celebrating seasons of the church year
  • engage in intergenerational mission opportunities such as the CROP Walk, Family Volunteer Days at the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and excursions to Overlook Farm in Rutland, MA.

Resources for Celebrating Epiphany at Home


For Children & Families:

  • They Followed a Bright Star based on a poem by Joan Alavedra, and illustrated by Ulises Wendell. A story of shepherds and kings and also of others who may have seen the star.
  • The Christmas Star by Marcus Pfister. Shepherds, kings, and all the animals of the forest follow the guiding star to where the Holy Child lies.
  • The Legend of Old Befana by Tomi dePaulo.  The story of an elderly woman who, legend says, was visited by the Magi on their way to find the Christ Child.  She declined their invitation to accompany them so to finish her chores.  She later decided to go and she got lost.  To this day, her story is enacted in Italian communities.
  • LaBefana: An Italian Night after Christmas by Sunday Frey-Blanchard and Roger Frey. A poetic adaptation of the tradition of LaBefana.

For Adults:

Family Activities:

  • Epiphany is a time when we can recall the stories in scriptures where Jesus was revealed to us: his baptism, his temptation in the wilderness, his presentation in the temple, the Transfiguration, his death and resurrection.  Reflect on how Jesus has revealed himself to you.
  • a good activity for individuals and families inviting the choosing of a theme you would like to be guided by in the coming year.
  • Take a faith walk.  Look for the brightest star in the sky.  When you find one, retell or remember the story of the Magi, presenting their gifts to the Christ child.
  • Bake and decorate star cookies.
  • Make a three king’s cake to celebrate this day.  Multiple recipes can be found on the internet.
  • Consider placing the Magi from your nativity set another room in your home, moving them closer to the nativity scene each day, until their “arrival” on January 6.


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Deb’s picks for good resources for families: