Pastor’s Welcome

Michael McSherry
Senior Minister

“No matter who you are or where you are on your journey of faith, you are welcome here.” That’s how we start every Sunday worship, and we mean it.

Expressing the same sensibility, our vision statement declares: “Standing at the crossroads of ancient faith and contemporary culture, we are a Christian church asking God to open us to a new way.”

Here you will find people from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Some of us value spiritual practices with deep roots in Christian tradition, others are drawn to workshops on mindfulness meditation, and sometimes it’s the same people. That’s Edwards.

Sunday morning provides the cornerstone for this community. Our worship is anchored in scripture, lifted in prayer, and enhanced by music in many forms. Sermons connect scripture to everyday life and, I hope, invite further reflection.  Children and youth are actively engaged, participating in leading worship and church school. Our hope is that during the service everyone who attends will experience the holy, be inspired, and feel the welcome of this community.

The relationship with God that we foster in worship would be hollow if it did not move us to care for our neighbors.  The Edwards community reaches out to serve the Pioneer Valley, as well as the wider world.  Close to home we provide volunteer time and material support to many non-profits.  We also respond to emerging needs, such as the current refugee crisis, with donations of time and other resources for those overseas and resettling nearby.

What it means to be a Christian has been discussed and debated for 2,000 years. Being a practicing Christian has always meant being willing to engage in counter-cultural behaviors like forgiveness, loving your enemy as well as your neighbor, and resisting the urge to pass judgment on others.

Going to church has fallen out of favor in some circles. If you are exploring our website, I hope that means you are planning to engage in some counter-cultural behavior and will come visit us next Sunday!

I look forward to welcoming you in person.

Rev. Michael McSherry