Mission, Vision & Values

Gathering at the crossroads of ancient faith and contemporary culture, we are a Christian church asking God to open us to a new way.

Edwards Church Vision Statement, 2015


Ensconced in our by-laws, our mission statement serves as an enduring touchstone.

Edwards Church Mission Statement

The purpose of this Church, in all its programs and activities, shall be to bind together followers of Jesus Christ for sharing in the praise and worship of God and in seeking and serving God. As Christians, it is our mission to respond to all God’s creation with the love Christ directs, through collective and individual worship, prayer, support, and action.

Edwards Church Welcoming Statement

We embrace Christ’s command to love God with all our hearts and our neighbors as ourselves. Therefore, we welcome everyone regardless of racial or ethnic background, citizenship, economic circumstance, sexual orientation, family configuration, marital status, gender identity or expression, or difference in ability.

All who seek the love of Christ are welcome to Edwards Church and to share fully in its life and ministry. In response to the Spirit of Christ in our midst, we glorify God and rejoice in the inherent worth, dignity, and gifts of every person as a child of God. (By laws, Article II)


Our vision describes our sense of how God is calling us to fulfill our mission over the next 3 to 5 years.

Edwards Church Vision Statement (2015)

Gathering at the crossroads of ancient faith and contemporary culture,
we are a Christian church asking God to open us to a new way.

Knowing that the road is long,
we choose to walk together.

Finding strength in our diversity,
we call on all our talents to worship and serve.

Encountering the world’s joys and suffering,
we offer ourselves as instruments of love and justice.

Longing to find the holy in ourselves and others,
we listen for God’s still-speaking voice.


Our values describe the enduring values of this faith community, which will help energize and ground us as we work to fulfill the vision.

Edwards Church Values Statement (2015)


We embrace our community locally and globally through the power of Christ’s compassion within us. We offer ourselves in acts of kindness, generosity and advocacy in the care of others. We partner with other community groups to provide service and to work for solutions to social injustices and discrimination.  We seek to develop connections with and learn from people of other faiths.


We nurture each other, loving one another as Christ commands. We listen for where the Holy Spirit may lead and accompany us on our journey together. Infused with God’s love and everlasting grace, we strive to share our spiritual connection with others as disciples of Christ.


We invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit through heartfelt prayer. We value and honor nourishing spiritual awakening through contemplation and meditation in our sacred space of light, warmth and acceptance.

Spirituality, Music and the Arts

We embrace all the arts to nourish and deepen our life in the Spirit and to serve as a way of inviting new people into Edwards Church. We value the blessing of music, which opens us to the Divine Presence.  The musical tradition of our weekly worship enriches our life of prayer and contemplation.

Faith Formation

We offer a variety of faith formation opportunities to all who seek a closer walk with God. We value living out the promise and wonder of Jesus’ teachings through the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the transformative power of the word of God.  We express our love of God by sharing stories of our faith, passing down traditions, creating new traditions, and contemplating and experiencing God’s love for us.


We honor Jesus’ delight in the presence of children. Following his example, we create the Edwards Church family by inviting all, from oldest to youngest, to join with us to pray and worship together, to learn from the teachings of Jesus, share the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, and enjoy peace in Christ’s presence.