The SPIRE – October 2018

Dear Edwards Church Community,

This is not my normal monthly letter, because I had an abnormal month. Gall bladder surgery on September 10., with a period of symptoms before, ‘’’and five days of early recovery at home have put me behind the curve. I have been working my way back to “normal,” but it is really something, this gradual recovery business.

Life keeps offering opportunities to learn something I did not set out to learn, some new insight which experience bestows, welcome or not. The big lesson this time: I cannot will my way into more energy the way I could 10 years ago. Don’t know why not!  I thought 60 was the new 40. What gives?

I have enough energy to get the essentials done, and every ½ week gets better. The surgeon advised, at my post-op check-in last week, that in another week or two I should be close enough to feeling normal that I will no longer notice the difference. Hmm.

I now have new insight regarding folks who chose not to tell me when they are going in for “routine” procedures. But I thought you deserved to know, in case I owed you a call back, or an email reply, or some bit of work and you were wondering what was up with me. It won’t be long now …

Thank you for supporting Habitat.  On Sunday, September 23, an impressive number of people came back to the sanctuary at 11:30 to hear a presentation by Megan McDonough, Executive Director of Habitat, and Christa Pylant, a single mother and new homeowner. They learned about The House That Faith Built, and those who “opted in” received volunteer orientation. Look for a special mailing in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for supporting our church.  Soon you will be hearing about Neighbors in Need, a special mission offering of the United Church of Christ that supports ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States. One-third of the funds support ministry among and by Native Americans in the UCC. Two-thirds is used by the UCC’s Justice and Witness Ministries to support a variety of justice initiatives, advocacy efforts, and direct service projects through grants. This year immigration issues will be a special focus.

In addition to the UCC’s Neighbors in Need appeal, our own Edwards Church stewardship process will be starting soon, so stay tuned. “Encountering the world’s joys and suffering, we offer ourselves as instruments of love and justice.”

With gratitude and growing energy,



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